Pizza Menu

Gluten free pizzas are available upon request for an extra $2 per base and please do not hesitate to inform staff of dietary requirements

Refer to blackboard for rotating pizza of the month and other specials


Roast Garlic & Cheese Pizza
$ 11

Macadamia Pesto & Parmesan Pizza
$ 11

Vegemite & Cheese Pizza
$ 11

Tomato Bruschetta Pizza with goats cheese
$ 13


Wild roquette salad with parmesan, pine nuts with balsamic vinaigrette
 $ 13

Mixed leaf salad with Roma tomatoes, roasted red capsicum, cherry tomatoes, red onion & cucumber with an authentic French vinaigrette
 $ 13

Main Pizzas

Lapstone 160m
Napolitana sauce with buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil 
$ 18

Glenbrook 164m
Roast pumpkin with rosemary, paprika, caramelised onion, baby spinach & fetta
$ 20 

Blaxland 234m
Tasmanian smoked salmon with capers, cream cheese & lemon myrtle dill dressing
$ 25

Warrimoo 273m
Kangaroo fillet, shaved & marinated in shiraz & peppercorn with chilli, baby spinach, roast red capsicum & red onion
$ 22

Valley Heights 321m
Chicken marinated with fresh herbs, mushrooms, spring onion, streaky bacon & outback BBQ sauce 
$ 21 

Springwood 371m
Sautéed field mushrooms with wild thyme & buffalo mozzarella 
$ 19

Faulconbridge 446m
Lamb marinated in garlic & rosemary on roast potato & pumpkin with caramelised onion, baby spinach, fresh mint & mountain pepper 
$ 22

Linden 526m
Fresh buffalo mozzarella & pepperoni 
$ 20 

Woodford 609m
Roast duck with mushrooms, baby spinach, red onion, sesame seeds & plum sauce 
$ 25

Hazelbrook 672m
Shaved leg ham with caramelised Queensland pineapple & cherry tomatoes 
$ 20 

Lawson 732m
Prosciutto, salami, field mushrooms & buffalo mozzarella 
$ 21 

Bullaburra 769m
Saltwater crocodile with wild lime & ginger marinade, coconut béchamel, baby spinach, roast red capsicum & a wedge of lime 
$ 25

Wentworth Falls 867m
Tiger prawns marinated in fresh coriander, garlic & chilli with baby spinach, tomato, red onion & a wedge of lemon 
$ 25 

Leura 985m
Herbed chicken, cherry tomatoes, fetta, pine nuts, topped with fresh basil & avocado 
$ 22

Katoomba 1017m
Shaved leg ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, roast red capsicum, onion & sliced black olives
$ 21 

Medlow Bath 1050m
Olives, anchovies, oregano, chilli & fresh basil 
$ 20 

Blackheath 1025m
Hot Trunkey Creek chorizo, salami, red onion, roasted red capsicum, jalapeños & chilli
$ 22

Mount Victoria 1064m
Macadamia pesto base, pine nuts, sautéed field mushrooms & fetta topped with roquette & parmesan 
$ 20 

Hartley Vale 820m
Shaved ham, pepperoni, salami, prosciutto and Trunkey Creek bacon on a BBQ sauce base 
$ 22

Bell 1069m
Salami, prosciutto, goats cheese, roma tomatoes with chilli, garlic & topped with fresh roquette 
$ 22 

Clarence 1069m
Baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, field mushrooms, spring onion, roasted red capsicum topped with macadamia & pesto sauce 
$ 20

Zig Zag 1006m
Tandoori sauce with marinated chicken, red onion, cashews, topped with fresh coriander & minted yoghurt 
$ 23